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Post by Keep_On_Truckin' » Sun May 22, 2011 3:37 pm

hey all...

so i was a registered user and i was a member, but let things fall by the wayside with trying to get crap settled in my life...

well, i got the email a few weeks ago about the new forum and i'd been thinking about it since, so here i am...

i'm Ryan - i used to be '4 door chevelle' but since the last forum (ok, like middle of April actually) i don't have it anymore...

since '08 i've had a few other vehicles, and the chevelle sat while i planned on rebuilding it... and i stripped it all - all of the paint, primer, filler, EVERYTHING down to bare metal and started over... i found rust, dents, inches of filler on the front end... so i started banging it out, pulling it with a slide hammer and stud welder... i would pull it almost straight,then shoot on epoxy and do body work over it... it was a long process but i figured it would look sweet when i was done...

well, it wasn't meant to be...

in October i got married again (no, didn't have an effect on the chevelle!) but the house i was paying for was soon to be out from under me... so, i had 6 months to do 'something' and move my family and all of our stuff... i put the chevelle up for sale, showed it a dozen or so times, and never got a decent offer... in April i called a friend of mine with a flat bed to tow it away for scrap... he couldn't even scrap it, but gave me what he 'would have' gotten and he said he had a friend who needed some parts...

i'm working for AAA Car Care Plus in Clarence - i'm a 'c' tech there, been there since July,and hopefully will retire from AAA... yeah,i know i have my degree in collision, but the chemicals, and losing my uncle in april '10, have pushed me away from making collision a career...

so,now,i've got 2 vans - a '92 GMC that's been totalled in the back end, and an '84 chevy from NC - NO RUST...!

i hope to see you all again this summer - money and time are some things i have now more than i did in previous years...

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Re: keep_on_truckin'

Post by twomanymontes » Sun May 22, 2011 8:35 pm

Welcome back Ryan. I was actually wondering about you today, At the Dunkirk Swap meet I saw a red 70 chevelle 4-door, that kind of looked like what you had started.

Glad to see your at a stable Job, And please, check in from time to time.
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Re: keep_on_truckin'

Post by battmann » Mon May 23, 2011 6:39 pm

hey ryan. glad things are coming around for you. i'm sure we'll all see each other and some shows this summer.

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